Handsie CNC Gallery

Please find our Gallery below showing a selection of pictures of our machinery and projects that showcase the abilities of our CNC Machine.

Furniture Gallery

Gallery Rocking ChairGallery Rocking Chair

With a little flourish from our CAD Designers our CNC Machine can make striking furniture designs come to life in minutes. This showcase plywood rocking chair is a perfect example of how CNC can be used to make an impressive looking piece of furniture from even the cheapest of materials!

Gallery Rolls Royce    Gallery Royce

The only limitation with CNC Machining is your imagination. Here at Rolls Royce in Derby it was used to create this beautiful curved counter to maximize the space on offer in this food hall. CNC machining was used heavily on this project in order to keep functionality in such a difficult design. The worktops had to be cut precisely at the correct angles in order to leave the correct spacing for push in units whilst still keeping the counters curvature. Precision grooving was also required in order to insert an aluminium extrusion creating a tray slide all around the service area. Finally CNC was used to accurately pre drill and cut out components for wiring and the ventilation you can see on the front of the counters.

Fret Work / Screening Panels

Gallery Fret IslandsGallery Fret Hearts Gallery CloverGallery Clover PinkGallery Hearts SilverFret Cut Buildings

Our wide variety of tooling means that we can provide an extensive range of Bespoke Fret Work, in any suitable pattern, on a diverse set of materials.

If you have a design in mind please send us your artwork and we’ll get back to you.

Our Kit


Felder G400 Edgebander

Striebig Vertical Panel Saw

Striebig Vertical Panel Saw


Felder H08 CNC Machining Centre


Here at Handsie CNC we have invested heavily in top machinery to ensure a premium finish on all our projects.